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For Folks Sake

Presenter Dessie Fisher

Tuesday evenings from 8:30-10:00pm

Americana, Irish Folk & Traditional music, Folk Music from the UK, Classic Country, and lots of live guests make this a show not to be missed!

Our special guest tonight (by phone) is Johnny Steinberg whose debut album "Shadowland" has just been released.




Lynn Miles: Merle (We'll Look For Stars)

Lynn Mile: She Drinks (We'll Look For Stars)

Lynne Hanson: Lollipops and Stars (Just Words)

Robert Severin: Time Heals (But the Healed Heart Still Hurts) (Postcard from Budapest

Daniel Nestlerode: Living the Dream (Windrush)

Kerry Fearon: Chase Wild Horses (MP3)

Jeffrey Foucault: Blood Brothers (Blood Brothers)

Johnny Steinberg: Carrie (Shadowland)

Johnny Steinberg: Jesus in Shades (Shadowland)

Johnny Steinberg: Carrie (Shadowland)

Johnny Steinberg: Hey Now Pamela (Shadowlands)

John Prine: Blue Umbrella (Sweet Revenge)

Josh Ritter: Mexican Home (Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows, Songs of John Prine)

Steel Blossoms: You're the Reason I drink (Steel Blossoms)

Michael-James: Solicitous (MP3)

Spike Flynn: Like a Breeze (Just This side of Here)

Chuck Brodsky: The Come Here's & the Been Here's (Radio)

Peter Croft: Button Box Breakdown (Button Box breakdown)

"Hi Desi,


Thanks very much for your continuing support of independently-made music. It’s greatly appreciated!

Best wishes from Scotland.


Kind regards,



Birnam CD"

It's always a joy to be a guest on Dessie's For Folk Sake programme!  It has a distinct homely, living-room feel to it and I particularly enjoy the chance to talk with Dessie about songs that others have written as well as my own.  This programme is a balm to the soul in the midst of this noisy world we're in! - Eilidh Patterson

'Appearing on For Folk Sake is always a reminder of how the best music radio should be... a totally relaxed one-on-one chat with a presenter who shares your passion for good music, and who knows what he's talking about. It's always a pleasure.'


Anthony Toner

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