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Steve Amos on For Folks Sake (Irish Connection) 6th April

Steve Amos is Dessie Fisher's guest tomorrow 6th April on For Folk Sake (the Irish connection). He is a singer-songwriter who is a humorist who takes the mickey out of all kinds of situations.

Blessed with one of the most creative comic muses seen since Vlad the Impaler’s immortal stand up tour of 1458 Steve Amos spent many of his formative and uninformative years in the finance industry which has inspired none of his songs. Since retiring from finance he has become one of the foremost singer/songwriters of his generation, most of whom are no longer with us. Steve discovered his gift for songwriting late in life but has made up for this late start by writing hundreds of songs (sometimes as many as 20 a day) all of which are masterpieces

Steve’s first CD, imaginatively entitled “Old Dog New Trick” was produced and sold to raise funds for the local hospice. The CD enjoyed unprecedented success (because it was the first) and hundreds of copies are still available. Unbelievably his second Album in 2008, White Van Man was even more successful and sales were phenomenal, surpassed only by returns. Just when the world thought Steve’s inspirational well had dried up he produced CD number 3 “Poignant Yet Tasteless” and indeed it was, covering such topics as prison love, the benefits of eating roadkill and an especially beautiful children’s lullaby, guaranteed to make even the most insomniac of offspring comatose. The fourth and as yet final CD Love Death and Other Minor Ailments was released in 2015 and contains some of his best or at least newest work yet: 

Here are just a few of the reactions from the critics:

"The Greatest Masterpiece since Leonardo uttered the immortal words 'Come on Mona lighten up a bit'" PrecociousArt Monthly

“Brilliant – and so cheap!”   Cowboy Bricklayers Magazine

“Perfect for every occasion “  Undertaking for Beginners

              “Fantastic! Original! Creative!” Plagiarists Weekly

“Finds its own level immediately” Raftbuilders Gazette.

“A man of our own tastes “ Masochists Yearbook 2006

His performing credits include The Lagan Sessions, Belfast Nashville, The Sunflower Folk Club, Ards Arts, Sunflower Fest to name but a few, if not all. He also has some songs on Youtube and links to these masterpieces can be found below.


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